Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday Preps Continues

I feel I'm running out of time. One month to go before the little prince's birthday and I still have a lot to do on my list. But I'm thankful that I was able to find a good and affordable caterer and I was able to personally meet the owner yesterday. I was able to see their set up and tasted their food as well. With what I've seen I think they are good. The food is good and the set up passes my expectation. I told what him everything I wanted and he agreed with what I envisioned the party would become. I'm really hopeful that everything will be okay.

Now here are the things I still have to do:
1. Finalize Cake supplier
2. Visit Chocolate lovers for some choco goodies
4. Deposit dp to caterer, venue and host
5. Buy more prizes and souvenirs
6. Print: tags, registration, coloring pages, and some invitation
7. Finalized tarp materials and have them printed
8. Buy balloons for DIY decors :)

Still have a lot to do....

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Daughter's Hairstylist

My little girl has long hair so I see to it that her hair is neatly fixed every time she goes to school. I always experiment and try different kind of hairstyles to her every day. It’s really one of my passion. If only Ihad the time, I will take up another course and this time in a cosmetology school to learn about fashion and beauty, hehe. But since I'm still busy, I will just continue experimenting and trying to apply it to my daughter and her hair, LOL! Sometimes she hates it specially when I once, fixed her hair like a Chinese girl. She told me that one of her classmates teased her. I told her there’s nothing wrong with it and that a lot of people even find it cute. I just told her to look at the mirror and see how pretty she is every time she goes to school because mommy is now always present to fix it for her every day.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

11 Months

Who says becoming a SAHM makes one stagnate? Well, as a matter of fact, I'm preoccupied and learning a lot everyday. My days are full and I'm super busy. Specially now that I'm preparing for the little prince's 1st birthday. And because of my hectic schedule I almost forgot posting some of his milestones. Did I tell you he turned 11 months last Jan. 22? Yeah, I didn't. So I'm posting here (although late) just to document his milestones at 11 months.

1. He always says mama, and I'm 100% sure he's addressing me.
2. He loves playing with our water dispenser, he enjoys playing with water.
3. He babbles a lot.
4. He capped his second lower right incisor (last Jan. 16, Sunday) so now his lower teeth is balanced ;-)
5. He loves eating biscuits.
6. He loves playing telephone. The reason why our phone is always left hanging :D
7. He enjoys watching TV with his sister, and guess what they are watching? DORA. :P
8. He smiles, laughs and babbles whenever he sees his own image on my monitor :)

A Job Offer

Nope, not for me. But I’m happy for my BIL. He’s a laboratory technician by profession and is presently working in our city’s health office. But since medical practitioners here are not properly compensated he tried his luck abroad. And after two years of checking medical job listing from various agencies, he was able to get a job offer. He’s now working on his papers and he might be able to fly by February or March. I’m one of those who hope that someday our nurses and other medical professionals would not have to go abroad to be an OFW. But since they are not paid enough, this might be an option today. But I really hope that it’s not a permanent option.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm Blessed!

...nothing is Impossible...

....there's a rainbow after the storm...

...God is so Good!

Hehehe..I'm just so happy! Because after all the crying and ruing over my lost wallet, and after trying hard to accept the fact that it's lost forever, I received a message from a person on my FB account informing me that they found my wallet!

O, di ba?!? The wonders of technology, the blessings brought about by social networking sites like face book! I never thought that face book would be a way for me to get it back. I never even thought that I can get it back although I'm hoping that someone will return it, somehow. I just prayed, and hoped, and trusted God. And honestly, I let go of it. It was really surprising that there are still still honest and kindhearted person who will do such thing, returning a lot wallet. Because as what I've read, there's a high percentage of those who lost their wallets and never got it back and worst, they were even contacted and laughed at by the one who took it. There are few honest people nowadays who will dare to return your lost wallet untouched so I'm one of those among the few who are thankful and blessed of getting back. a lost wallet. When I met the person a while ago, he honestly told me that he took P100 peso to buy some medicine because he's sick. It's fine with me and I even gave him additional cash. If only I have more cash on hand, I would give him even more. May the Lord bless him for his honesty.

Now, I know I'm blessed and this incident was a lesson for me. I will try my best not to be in the same situation again.

Thank you God!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a day....

I'm sad. I think it's a worst day for me because I lost my wallet containing all my cash and cards and IDs. I feel like crying :((. I really wan to cry. Now I don't know what to do. Our whole week's budget was there and now, I don't have any cash left, haaaay. My husband's remittance is still on the 30th. Now, where will I get the amount to support our week-long expenses? How sad.

Before I left the house there's my instinct telling me to bring a bag. But I didn't know why I ignored it. Now, I'm ruing that I didn't follow my instinct. Nasa huli talaga ang pagsi-sisi.

It's somewhat my fault. I cant blame anyone but my self. Now I have to do alot of work.
1. Request card companies to block my cards.
2. Request my savings bank to block my card and to get replacement.
3. Go to SSS to replace my ID.
4. Go to Mercury for a new Sulit Card
5.Get a new Parco Card
6.Get a new SM Advantage card.
7. Get a replacement for my Philhealth card.

I also have card gift cert from going straight salon that I cannot redeem anymore, huhuhu!


Monday, January 24, 2011

Still awake and with some helper Updates

Still up and awake..I was chatting with my friend and former colleague and I can;t help but laugh at her stories. hehehe..It's personal so I can't share it here. I just can't help but really laugh. Anyway, she informed me that because of these things that are happening in my former company, she decided to file her resignation and it will be tomorrow. Well, I hope the best for her.

Well, as of the new helper naman (since I've not yet posted any update here since my last post), she's still young but she love the kids. She knows how to handle my little prince when he cries and she knows how to get along with the little princess. She has a bubbly personality and knows how to laugh. It's a plus point to me. But I'm still observing her and trying to know her more. I just hope that she will really stay long.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day two of being helper/yaya-less...

...and since it's midweek, it's our laundry day. And since no helper to do this, I was the one who did. After sending the little princess to school, I started doing the laundry but because my clingy son cried non-stop (wanting no one but me), I was able to finished at 4pm. Felt tired after.

On the other hand, I'm so thankful that my sister came to lend a hand. Although she really was not able to stopped little prince from crying, she has been a big help to me. Because of her, I was still able to attend our midweek service.

Anyway,I received a call from BIL this afternoon telling me that he already found a helper for me. He promised to bring her to our house tomorrow. I hope she's as responsible as my last helper. I'm praying that she'll stay longer.

It's Different Now

If I’m still working in the corporate world, I would be getting a payday cash advance already by this time. I remember being in that situation when I really need cash and our payday was just three or four days ago but since I have to pay off some debts and my salary isn’t that big, I’m left without a choice but to borrow cash or get some cash advance. I’m thankful I’m in a different situation now and I don’t’ have to do that anymore. As much as I can, I want to be debt-free this year.

Alone Again..Without a Helper

I think I'm going to get sick. Haaay....

My helper left yesterday because her mom is sick. And she said that she might not come back so now I'm left alone in taking care of the kids and doing all the household chores. The reason why I was able to go online just now, after putting the kids to bed. I feel exhausted. I was not able to even answer some of my phone calls and messages. My little prince was so clingy and does not want me to get out of his sight. He doesn't want anyone but me. The little princess was playing non-stop and her mess goes with it. Haaay..I feel like quitting, lol! It's really hard to be alone without anyone to help you with every day's tasks.

I'm now again praying that a new helper will arrive in ASAP! Hayz!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Business Plan

Hubby and I were just talking about the small business that I’m planning to put up. I really wanted a one-stop printing shop. Well, not as big as those who do direct mail postcards. It’s going to be just a small shop where the services that will be offered are document printing, scanning, encoding, invitation and posters or brochures printing (but not in bulk), and of course photo ID processing. I want to maximize my DSLR as well so I want to include that. We’re just waiting for the right place and time, and enough capital to start it right.

Birthday Preps

I have a lot on my list of things to do tomorrow and on the week end. I still have a lot to do for the little prince’s birthday preparation and I can’t be distracted on anything about best diet pills for women. I have to remind myself to focus and stay with my original plans and schedules.

Here are the things I need to do:

  1. Go to the bank to deposit down payment to venue and party host
  2. Finalize banner design
  3. Have invitations printed
  4. Talk to the caterer for menu, food tasting, set up and decoration
  5. Finalize cake supplier

Then on Saturday, we’ll be going to Divisoria to buy loots and loot bags, items for prizes and balloon decorations. Whew! I’m going to have a busy weekend!

A Mother's Identity

I said to the Lord,
"You are my Lord. Without You, I have nothing good."
Psalm 16:2

Mothers are many things. We are lovers, caregivers, and providers. We are teachers, referees, and drivers. We are organizers, cheerleaders, and champions. We love being all those things because we love being moms.

We have been touched by God's goodness. We have been chosen to be God's special people--mothers. God has planted a special kind of love in our hearts. It is a love without end. It is that love that marks us as God's chosen ones. It is that love we freely share with our children whether today we're cooking short order or driving carpool or supervising homework. we know deep in our hearts how much God loves us.

We are mothers chosen by God's love.

Wellness in Water

I have already read a lot about the benefits of drinking water in the morning and I have yet to try it myself. I know that drinking water is healthy especially if you drink enough amount of water in a day, you have enough energy. But drinking water immediately after getting up is new to me. Some write ups says that drinking water in the morning will give you energy because the water you drink first think will kick up your metabolism right away and the coldness seems to be a bit invigorating. And it can also help you lose weight since drinking water in the morning before taking anything for breakfast can be a natural appetite suppressants. When you drink water in the morning you will find that you have less appetite since you already have the water in your stomach telling your brain that you are not hungry. Hmmm, that’s sounds not so nice for me, hehehe. I guess I should just try to drink a lot of water in a day and not immediately after getting up from bed, I need to eat to gain weight!LOL.

Chemical or Natural?

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more health conscious. A lot of people go to the gym, play sports, eats organic food and use organic products and even take all natural diet pills. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using the natural products, even in medicines. Even in our church, people are being taught to avoid chemicals on foods and eat organic food for wellness. That’s why now, I’m trying to lessen msg on the food I cook, eat organic crops, and I even used organic products for my body, like my shampoo and conditioner, facial wash toner and moisturizer and even the makeup that I apply on my face, they are all mineral. That is what we call taking advantage of nature’s gifts to us.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Before the Lens

Here's one of my favorite shooting subject 10 month old little prince...

Does he look like me? A lot of people are asking if we have Chinese or Japanese blood because he really look like one, hehe.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


I saw that redfeather snowshoes are on sale at 12% off. I think if we have winter here, kids would love this. My daughter will be one of the kids who love to play in the snow. She was watching her educational DVD one time and the four seasons was being featured and she was full of hope when she told me that she will one day go to that place and play in the snow just like those children in the DVD. But unlike her, I don’t think I would like to live in a place with snow. Brrr…

Is It Time?

My little girl has been playing with my things every day. She loves acting like an office girl, talking to her invisible clients. She always has my cell phone and my bag. So there are times that I missed important calls and messages were read late so my responses are also late. I was thinking if it’s already time to give her a real cell phone of her own since she knows how to use this gadget already. Mine is a touch screen Sam sung and she’s adept in using it. Maybe I should just give it to her if ever I decided to give her a phone and so I’ll be able to upgrade to blackberry playbook, hehe. How I wish!

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's Here! Finally...

Look what I've got today....

....a camera, perfume, and watches for me and the little girl. And what makes me want to leap for joy is the fact that finally, I now have my dream camera on my hands for real! I was right then that he's really saving for it already and it came in a most unexpected time.

It was the other day when I received a call from dearest hubby that his co-worker will be coming to the Philippines for one month vacation and he said that he sent a package for me. So I have to meet him as soon as he arrives at the airport because he'll be going to Davao immediately. So this afternoon, the day of the arrival, we went there and met his co-worker. That's how I was able to get this package...I'm really so happy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Kids Never Fail to Give Me Joy

I have not been feeling very well since yesterday and so the whole day today, I was just lying on my bed. Symptoms of my acute gastritis are here again and I think that's because I was abusing my self lately. Too much iced tea, sodas and coffee. So here I am again reaping the results of being hard headed.

Anyway, I was able to go to the nearby supermarket when I was a bit okay this afternoon and I decided to bring the little prince with me. It was his first time to be in a supermarket. Unfortunately, I haven't brought any camera with me so I wasn't able to take a picture. One grocery staff found him so cute standing alone between two racks of groceries and he look so amazed about his environment. So even though I am not feeling well, one look at my innocent little boy never fail to bring joy to me.

Also, this afternoon while I was inside the room, I was awakened by the laughter of the kids in the living room. I stood up to peek and saw them playing. They are both happy and the little prince seem to be enjoying it. I could already see these two enjoying each other when the little boy is big enough to ran with his sister.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movie Time With The Little Princes: RPG Metanoia

I seldom watch movies. Even during Christmas season where we have the annual MMFF. But this year was different. My daughter has been badgering me to watch RPG Metanoia, the only 3D-animated film entry. I was also curious about the film so I also thought. well why not. So last Sunday, I told the little girl that we're going to watch it finally. She was so happy.

We watched at Robinson's Metro East. The line was not long and when we entered the theater, I saw that it was not filled with people. I thought, "why?". But when I was watching, I cannot help but admit that I enjoyed the movie. This is the one film that is really worth watching especially the kids and teens. It was created excellently. I appreciate the animation.. di pahuhuli ang pinoy! And most importantly I love the values that the movie showed. I just don't understand why most people didn't appreciate the film and it was only third best in the festival. Well, maybe because the teasers and promotions aren't good enough. The trailers didn't even showed a glimpse of what the movie is really all about. Kulang sa information. If the trailers only showed that, results could have been different. It could have even been the Best Picture. Ang galing e, saludo talaga ako to all the people behind the film.

I would definitely suggest moms to let your kids watch this film while it's still showing. Sayang yung lessons and values that the kids will get e. As I end, I'll quote here some reviews about the movie from their FB site:

...Thank You Ambient Media and Thaumatrope for this wonderful movie! Ganda ng pagkagawa at maganda talaga ang storya. pero may mas importanteng message ang movie na to. yun ay ang maibalik ang laro ng kulturang pinoy sa mga bata na makikita mo na lamang ngayon sa loob ng mga computer shops. SARAP MAGING BATA. wag sayangin sa harap ng computer. :'(

"Every year nanunuod ako ng MMFF. I watched tanging ina and Rosario. Disappointed ako sa tanging ina. Rosario- ok lang, pwede pa syang gumanda. Magaling si jennelyn pero maraming butas yung production. Pero nung napanuod ko yung RPG kahit naintriga lang kasi ako. Sya lang kasi yung walang pila masyado pero sobrang pinupuri ng mga kapwa... art directors ko sa ad industry. Sobra akong nagandahan. Sya ang pinakamagandang na panuod ko sa MMFF.

Di lang sya maganda dahil 3d animation sya, Maganda sya as a movie talaga. Ganda ng script. May taste ang art directions. Nakakatawa very pinoy. Bonus ang moral lessons. Yung treatment lang sa in-game na mabagal ang frame rate ang macocomment ko pero irrelevant na rin sya sa ganda ng pelikula...."

..very much Pinoy, they even used the Alibata, bakya, and baro (at saya) on the kid's costume and weapons ;-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Different Celebration

Celebrating the New Year here in the Philippines is really one of a kind. Unlike in some countries where the people would just go to one place to witness fireworks display in welcoming the New Year, here, people in various parts of the country do and make their own fireworks display. That’s why it’s quite “exciting”. I guess we are the only country where the New Year is met with fires here and there, there were even stray bullets victims, and a lot of people injured and worst, losing some parts of their bodies because of firecrackers. So every year the Department of Health never ceases to warn people about the effects of explosive firecrackers, hospitals are always on alert and people working in the hospitals are always ready for firecrackers victims after 12 midnight.

Expect that there won’t be any clean nursing uniforms during New Year ’s Eve. Because of these nursing scrub tops would be blood stained. Just like my husband when he was still working in a hospital here. I would even complain how hard it is to wash his hospital scrub uniforms during time like these. Now, I’m glad I have graduated from these since he’s already working abroad.

Well, it’s one sad thing during New Year celebration here. I hope that people will be more cautious because it’s sad to start the year with one arm or burned face, right? Life is more important than temporary excitement so people should learned enough and avoid highly explosive firecrackers.